Two 1965 Jaguar S-Types for sale

(Include at least one picture)

Two Jaguar S Types, I believe both are a 1965. Both complete. One is essentially rust free, the other has some rust but overall in solid condition.
Neither have been started in years.
Both engines turn over.
Both cars have a title.
I will not split. They must be bought as a package.
Great deal for someone. I pulled one of these from a barn last year. Owner passed away and I bought from the son along w a series 2 e type which I had since sold.
Located near Orlando FL
Note: both cars are same color so you are looking at both cars in pictures.

Asking price (if selling):
4300 (why 4300? Because I’m odd and like odd numbers) :cat:

Contact information: Send me PM

Cost of shipping (if selling):
I will assist
Willing to ship worldwide?

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Wow! I wish i was closer and had the money! :sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:

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Actually $4300 is an even number and not an odd number because it is divisible by two ($4300÷2=$2150). Now $4301 or $4299 would be odd numbers. :thinking: :smiley:



Your right Paul!! I am now asking $4301 for the pair. :smiley_cat: