Two odd springs

I have had these two odd springs sitting on my bench for a long time and cannot figure out what they are for. I’m pretty sure, but not positive that they fit on my '63 E-type FHC somewhere.
Can anyone tell me where they go?

These don’t look familiar to me and I have assembled two FHC so far. These look home made to me. There is a small spring on the rear hatch latch for the safety catch but these don’t look correct for that application. There are springs on the throttle levers but they are differently shaped. There is a small spring on the bonnet safety catch but again these look too large.

I’d bet they were substituted for carb return springs, or maybe the return spring on the heater box, but they aren’t stock.


You might want to give us some idea of the scale of these springs. I think we are all assuming they are 2"-4" long, but maybe they a much smaller (or even larger?).


The longest spring is about 4 inches long.
I think the conclusion is that it doesn’t belong on the car.
Thanks for the input.
Much appreciated.

Alan Brown.

Ditto: nothing I ever saw on any Jag I worked on.

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Paul and everyone who responded to my query. Thanks, you confirmed what I suspected. Now I can forget about them without having that niggling feeling in the back of my mind that I had a senior moment and forgot something really important.

Have you had or worked on any S3 E-types in the past? Those springs may be C36130, Jaguar S3 OTS parts manual, page 26.12 (Exhaust), used as anti-rattle springs for the exhaust shield housings. If not then I’m also clueless.

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Not even close Dick, so no cigar.