TWR bumper Kit Removeal

Need assistance on how to remove TWR body bumbpers.
Lady in a pickup with receiver hitch back into me. Crack the fiber glass of front. Rear bumper could also do with a repaint.
Thanks in advance for your help.

Is it the early kit where they removed the shocks and the big aluminum and rubber bumper covers or the later with the cut out for the stock bumper bars and rubber covers?

TWR kit was on car when I purchased back in April 2004, so am assuming its the older type. The is no rubber on either the front or rear bumpers.

Life has thrown me a curve ball on this needed repair. Unable to remove my TWR front pumper due to my inability to bend over any longer (two years of vertigo). May have to resort to taking it to a body shop, but can’t find one locally that know how to work on this car. Best option would be if this vertigo would go away. Doctors have been no help with that but our bodies are far more complicated than or piston pounders.
IF I can get someone to remove it to repair cracks and repaint that would be great. Would like to repaint rear bumper also as it has a few dings in the fiber glass.
Any suggestion for shop in the Houston Texas area??

Have not spoken to them as yet but will be calling Eurocar-Werk in Houston in the morning to see when they may be able to take a look give me an estimate and when they could get get it done. Google earth view look like they over 25 cars in their lot.Would have liked to just buy a new TWR front bumper but after extensive search can’t find one.
Hope they can make me happy.
Wish I could do this work myself by the vertigo says no way man.

Called Eurocar-Werk and they did not want to look at my car. They referred me to Jaguar Sport International in Houston.
Nice man named Paul Davis took my call. Told him about the damage and that i have been unable to locate another TWR bumper. He said he use to be distributor those kits and that they are no longer available. They don’t do paint work but he said they may be able to remove my front bumper and then I could take it to body shop.
Thinking I may just sell the car and be done with it.
Enjoyed working on this car for the past 18 years but since am not physically able to do my own repairs have lost the joy of ownership. Hope I can find it a good home where there is no snow.

These cars have reached the age where they require constant attention / maintenance. A significant part of ownership for most people is the ability to work on these vehicles. Once that ability is lost (as me how I know) owning these cars can become less desirable. In addition it has become almost impossible to find anyone willing or able to work on these cars. Each owner has to make the decision whether it’s time to stay the course or it’s time to move on. Ultimately your health will make that decision for you.

I had vertigo attacks many years ago, finally figured out it was seasonal pollen allergies. Most people get hay fever in the nose, I got it in the inner ear?!

Allegra helped a lot to control it, but eventually several years of allergy shots did the trick.