TWR to Build Sports Car Inspired by the V12 Jaguar XJS

Thoughts on this?

To reimagine the classic XJS, TWR will utilize help from Magnus Walker and car designer Khyzyl Salee to “bring it into the 21st century.”

“Our XJS has to be drivable in real world situations,” Walker said in a statement. “From idle to throttle transition, when it’s stuck on the freeway in bumper-to-bumper traffic. I’m about drivability, usability, and practicality.”

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I also read this article. I am really interested to see what they are going to do. I assume based on the driveability statement they are going to upgrade the engine management and cooling systems. They should install the Mobek system off the shelf, rather than engineer up something new. A high flow radiator and electric cooling fans. I can imagine they will also tweak the suspension to some degree. They could imiprove the cockpit as well in some areas. Funny, this is stuff we are all pretty much doing to our own cars.

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Sounds like they’re once again resting on their long-gone laurels. I wish them luck!

If I were redesigning the xjs…imo. … I would rather have a six cylinder automatic with more space under hood…and the cabriolet roof without t -tops…a different grill and fuel tank under the body not in it…

After reading the article my guess is that they intend to go the resto-mod route. Essentially keeping the body as is (with some suspension upgrades) with a different upgraded powertrain. I know you are all in love with the current V12. Truth is that it’s sadly outdated by todays standards. The 715 HP turbocharged V12 from the Aston Martin would be a good place to start. Add a 7 speed DCT and they have my attention.