Type heater tubes

my EType (S2) is missing a pipe under the inlet manifold. Its blocked off at the water pump. What is this called and where does it go to? I got the car as a non goer. Thanks Geoff

Morning Geoff,

The pipe runs from the water pump to a firewall fitting, I suspect that the previous owner had a leaky pipe in either the firewall going to the heater or the pipe your referring to sprung a leak. I replaced the one in Mik, my '64 with a length of 1/2" copper pipe painted black but I think you’ll need to take a close look at the pipes in your firewall. Actually I’d plan on replacing them with SS pipes from one of the usuals (SNG has been my go to source and they fit quite well).

The configuration of the pipe in question, depends upon what manifolds and carburetors you have. Has someone upgraded your car to three SU’s?

Thanks Lynn. I will check for leaks at least and possibly replace other tubes as well since I have the dash apart. My setup is standard British RHD triple SU"s. Cheers Geoff