Tyre pressure decal MkX/420G

Has anybody gone to the trouble of reproducing the silver foil tyre pressure decals that were on the fuel door hinges?

Never seen or heard of them.
So Jaguar was an early adaptor, or inventor, of them😅?
2.3 kg for motorway driving, and 1.9 for comfortable every day driving, at least with the XWX 205 14 tyres, is my conclusion, after 35byrs of ownership.

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I keep mine at 38 psi, but, I’m more interested in the decals themselves. I have an example of one and will have them reproduced if nobody else has. …unless they aren’t original, I’ve only found them on one wreck…one on each side.

most likely need to reproduce but also if you take a good picture of one, crop around it then do a google image search. might come up with a supplier sample

I will have a look…your mention gives me a vague memory, as I have wrecked 2 MKX/420G

Fuel door hinges for these modals are actually a very rare part if intact, as the fuel wells tend to get blocked drains, and moisture can get in a rust the hinge out

Therefore I went to some trouble to rescue a couple

34-38psi is about where I like to be, the Handbook that comes with the car reccomends 28psi, which is ridiculous, although that is for the larger 14" ~80R tyres

I run 15"/ 205 / 65 tyres and XJ wheels

Give me a while, I am searching for some 420G parts amongst my many boxes


This is what I believe the decal should be. Has anyone ever seen one?