Tyre pressures in Aust?

Local tyre fitter (Australia) is adamant that the tyres should be 34 psi all round, rather than specified 26 on the front and 28 on the back. Says ride will be harsher but better for tyres given camber on Australian roads. Any thoughts?

I live in Sydney and run 34 all around on my 1972 XJ6. Tyres (Pirelli) stay even and square and it handles really well. FWIW. Paul.

I have never heard of tyre pressures being related to camber (crown) of the road. Having said that I don’t think I ever ran my ‘40 at the lower pressures. Just look for uneven wear across the tread and adjust if either the middle or sides are showing a different depth.

I wouldn’t go past 32 all round for normal driving, higher yes if you’re throwing it into corners.

I stick to 28/30 psi. I don’t like my tyres harder than that. I prefer the smooth ride.

Definitely 34 for better tyre wear and it can also save you from pot hole and nail punctures. i cannot tell any difference with ride. just remember in the wet you do have that higher pressure

Loaded 32,unloaded 30.