Ughhh. dual silencers. center mufflers

can anyone tell me if the brackets that are welded to the dual silencers go on the outside or the inside of the 4 rubber isolator/muffler hanger things.

Neither looks correct.

On mine they go on the inside.

Mine are also on the inside. Try to mount them so the exhaust is just hanging, not tweaking the rubber anymore than you need to.

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They don’t line up very well I remember that, Bend the muffler tabs or shim them so the rubbers aren’t stressed because they’ll tear the rubber mounts
That’s what I did anyway
Iirc there inside

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Good tip. Ideally the angle of the silencers should be the same (or as close as possible) to the bottom of the boot and their height also as close as possible to the exhaust rear mounting bracket. There should be no strain or pull on the vulcanized rubber holding the two metal pieces together.
I spent time making sure the both connecting pipes had the correct angles to minimize the strain which inevitably leads to its failure and a “tail pipe dragger”.
As an extra precaution I ran a bolt thru them in case of a failure. In order to not defeat the purpose of the rubber connection I drilled a pilot hole thru the metal brackets then a larger hole thru the metal plates only so that the bolt would not contact the metal and stay centered with the rubber its was pushed thru.
Been a couple of years and so far all good.