Uh oh. Lower radiator hose S1

I have just wrestled the header tank, radiator shroud, radiator back into place, reinstalled the horns which I had to remove and just looked at the situation of the lower radiator hose.

I should have put it in attached to the radiator maybe. This is going to be a sob. I changed this hose once 25 years ago and it was a sob then.

So!!! Which is easier to put back the three piece factory setup, or a one piece hose. Are silicon hoses easier and where can I get one? I don’t see them in Moss.

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I think @Michael_Frank lists a single piece on his website.

Found a ref…

Is that single hose easier to install. I don’ t have a lot of hand strength left. It was tough before I lost my carpal/metacarpal cartilage.

I just installed a new radiator and lower hose. I had ordered the center pipe and had the two hoses to go with it. My car is 1966 series 1 4.2 July manufacture date . That pipe was nowhere near correct. I have a thread up on that about a week ago here. Picked up a hose from napa , was real close to fitting but too short to connect. Put a strait length of 2"" stainless in the middle and it worked quite well. I think Jaguar had a reason for the 3 piece set up, both upper and lower short connector’s reduce to 1 3/4 " . That creates a sort of venturi effect possibly increasing flow to the pump? Or helps to reduce chance of collapsing. I did not use the short lengths. I am 2" all the way, but not racing😊. If you want those two they are free for the asking, i actually have 4 because mistakenly bought complete cooling hose set twice…
I have no idea why the connector pipe did not even come close to working its the number all suppliers list for it. My guess is very early 4.2 had something different or the replacement aluminum radiator had just enough difference to make the difference. My old one needs new gold plated core. Maybe next year. That Napa hose we just picked off the hangers looking for 2" with a 45 turn on one end ,half of it was thrown away. Wasnt too bad to install but my bonnet is off , i have a lift but did it from the floor.

The trick to these hoses Steve , soap them up good with Liquid dish soap and the tubes ,then slide the hose up and slide it down , easy peasy


I used red rubber grease , but i never got the correct connector pipe that goes between the short lengths on the header tank and bottom radiator. Dish soap has salt in it, can cause corrosion, we used to put on wheels to mount tires found out it was corroding the aluminum. Its slippery though. I offered the short hoses to Bill if he has the correct connector, what i cobbled up worked well looks ok, will know when its tested hot. I asked him to send me a photo of the connector ,hopefully he will do that.

I’d use soapy water on the steel. They should slip over pretty easy.

Sounds like a job for the neighborhood kid. 100 bucks should get you one for a couple hours…inflation and what not.

And if it’s cold, warm the hoses up with a heat gun or hair dryer.

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I just did mine last week (OEM 3 piece setup) using Hylomar Universal Blue. Went very easy.

Rick OBrien
65 FHC in FL

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you put sealant on it?

Yes. After running on the test stand for a few hours, I had a few small leaks I couldn’t eliminate with clamps due surface imperfections. So I wanted some gap filling. It works as a lubricant and sealant at assembly and is compatible with all automotive liquids.


I sealed a bunch of mine with a ring of Indian shellac, namely the heater pipes and core since they have no sealing ferrule on the pipe, and on the radiator/header tank because they can collapse if tightened too much to stop weeping.

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Hey, Wiggles. We’ve ‘talked’ before but a while back. Now I’m having an issue reinstalling the intake manifold on our 67 OTS 4.2. I’ve created the scenario on JagLovers but cannot figure out how to send it. Can you help? BTW, it was not required that I ‘sign in’. Should that be necessary? Bob in Annapolis

If you’re using the connector pipe draw a line around the center, so you can tell where it is located.

Most of my joints are double clamped. 180° to each other. Overkill but that’s what I like.

I just checked his site says it’s a cross over for a Series 2. Is the lower hose the same for a series one?