UK V55/5 Registration Form Query - Body Type

Hi All
I am filling in a UK V55/5 form for first registration of my E Type 2+2 1969 4.2 Automatic…and I am not sure what to put for body type.

Should it be “sports” or “coupe” or something else? Perhaps someone with an actual V5 in the UK can just check what it says on theirs so that I can put the same?

Many thanks in advance.



Hi Andrew,
E Types have 3 body styles and yours is a 2+2, as mentioned in your post above.
The other two options are Coupe or Fixed Head Coupe(FHC) and then the open or soft top sports car is commonly known as a Roadster or Drop Head Coupe (DHC).

Hi Anrew my V5 says coup Cheers Gordon.

I put Coupe for Body Type and 4 for Number of seats and that’s what DVLA put on the V5.
Good luck.

Thanks Guys

I think I will settle for Coupe…your replies were very much appreciated.

Kind Regards