Under Bonnet Insulations

I have a series 2 xj6 Convertible but there is no under bonnet insulation. I have purchased some but need to know the best way to stick this to the bonnet as what i have tried to use wont stick. Could somebody please let me know the best solution to sticking this with.

3M Super 77 spray adhesive

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The best way to stick new aftermarket under bonnet insulation onto the bonnet depends on what type of material it is made from. Is it a foam material or perhaps one of those aluminized plastic products.

Please post some pictures of your Series 2 XJ6 convertible and provide some history of the car and the modification when you can. I am sure lots of members of this list would be interested in seeing it.


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Buyed An aluminized pre cutted for s1 at sng barratt think use Yellow Bostick however you can find a sort of clips to Fix insulation

My 83 is doing just fine sans its former 'moth eaten bear skin rug"…

I had planned a spray of “bed liner”. May not take place.

I did try to polish the Grosvenor paint under it. No luck… Flat…


I purchased this aftermarket two piece black neoprene under bonnet insulation about 10 years ago on eBay and installed it on my Antelope 1984 Series III XJ6 Vanden Plas. It has held up nicely and it is easy to clean. It has an OEM like look as compared to the some of the silver aluminized plastic insulation being sold. I particularly like the gold Jaguar Leaper decal that came with the kit that matches this Antelope colored car beautifully. In my opinion this is the kind of thing Jaguar should have originally provided instead of the fiberglass one which eventually looks, as Carl so beautifully describes, like “a moth eaten bear rug”. :wink:



The original probably performed better in damping engine room sounds, Paul - the original purpose of the insulation…

xj6 85 Sov Europe (UK/NZ)

Hi Paul, is that underhood insulation with the leaper on it still available? I’m not finding it but I’d like to get one.

Looking at the neoprene material and the original fiberglass material side by side my suspicion is the neoprene is probably better at sound attenuation than the thinner fiberglass. Of course there is no practical way for me to test it, but that is my opinion.

The black neoprene has remained very nice looking and cleans up easily when dusty or stained. I have the original fiberglass insulation on the bonnet of my concours 1990 V12 Vanden Plas and it is difficult if not impossible to keep that clean and looking like new.

It is a shame that Jaguar no longer sells the OEM insulation and the products out there often look like aluminized bubble wrap.

I am very happy with the neoprene insulation and installed it on our 1984 XJ6 Vanden Plas, our former 1987 XJ6 Vanden Plas that I sold last year, and our 1990 XJ-S convertible.


No, I don’t believe the under bonnet insulation with the Jaguar decal has been available on eBay for 10 years, maybe more. That is about when I got them.

They eBay seller mentioned in his ad that he was very ill and would no longer be able to sell them. I heard that he passed away from cancer, but I have no direct knowledge that.

I have seen other neoprene car insulation products similar to what I have being sold on eBay but none with the Jaguar decal.

I was concerned about the durability of the neoprene material in the engine bay and how long the vinyl stick on Jaguar decals would hold up. But I installed this product on three of our Jaguars and they still look pretty good and much better than the disintegrating OEM fiberglass insulation that I removed.

I tried that aluminized bubble wrap insulation on one of our Jaguars but removed it right away because I didn’t think it looked right. I know that there are not many options to choose from, and that some people like that aluminum look, but I am much happier with the black neoprene insulation.

Good luck finding something that you like.


The idea of sound insulation is a loose weave to absorb high frequencies and a dense layer to stop panel vibration and low frequencies, Paul…?

A plain uninsulated hood sort of reflects sound, and vibrates - and anything is likely better than…:slight_smile:

xj6 85 Sov Europe (UK/NZ)

That’s too bad. It looks great - so much better in my opinion than Dynamat and the generic versions… Especially the stuff with logos all over it.

One more question about it. Was it self adhesive on the back or did you need a separate adhesive?