Underlayment mystery

When I restored our 72 2+2 about
25 years ago I could never figure out where this goes. Not found in manuals or parts book.

Any ideas?

Maybe when I had the crash roll off, but can’t remember if from there or not.

It’s about 15.5" x 6.5".


Looks rather like the underdash hardura panel on the left of this photo:

Not that shape, and I have that exact piece under the dash.

Thanks for checking in.

Is it for the right hand side ? Without A/C?

Sorry should have mention this car has AC., I’m still uncertain which side, or where.


Rich, I believe that’s a sound insulation piece found behind the glove box (LHD) attached to the inner firewall.

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Yes! Thanks! That’s it! I had a notion it was there. I had the dash top of years ago to recover with a new one and obviously missed it.

IIRC I’d probably need to pull dash again as I don’t see a way of getting it back in. But maybe pull glove box? I’ll have to check the ROM.

PS gee, you and I were on the old JL site way back 20+ years ago I think?

You’ll probably find removing the large dash top will make it easier to install the insulation. Did you remove the original sound insulation stuffing (both sides)? If so, what did you replace it with. The original stuff just trapped moisture. I see you’re in Florida. What area? I’m in St. Cloud, just South of Orlando.



Dick, Can’t recall but I think I removed that attic insulation and used Dynamat IIRC. I used that on the Pass floor when I replaced it.

So, funny you should mention moisture traps. Pulled this out the other day when I spotted a bit of rust, which turned into a 2 day repair of the spot.

I told Cathie it was a rat…lol.

BTW to pull the radius arm to gain better access I used my 3 jaw internal pull slide hammer. 2 smacks and off.

All welded up with new stronger materials and better than before.

I’m north of Sebastian about a mile from the Indian River and across the street from the Sebastian River North Prong. Equestrian and quaint old Florida wooded area.

I’ll check back when I get that lonely underlayment piece back in.

Thanks again,