Unforgivable 2018 mistake IMO


What was Jaguar thinking?? How could such a critical error escape the design review process?


P.S. LED headlamps do not penetrate well.

(Paul Wigton) #2

THERE’S a 1st world problem…:wink:

I have seen on a few cars, LED headlights— thru plastic lenses— that light up the road quite well.


Where there is light, there is a way, though I haven’t seen LEDs that penetrate well. Focusing lenses are a good option. My main concern is the step backwards in styling. I certainly will not entertain a 2018+ F-Type based on the ugly new headlight design. If I won’t buy one, that’s bad, since I’m in the actual owner demographic. Why eliminate one of the best styling features of the F-Type? The ears-pinned cat face. Why drive owners away?

(Paul Wigton) #4

Each to one’s own, say I!

It’s still a 1st world issue…:wink:

(Gunnar Helliesen) #5

That’s interesting, I own a 2014 so I have those headlights, but I never thought of them that way. Now that you mention it I see what you mean, though. I still think the 2018s look OK, and I wouldn’t not buy the car because of them.