Unidentified XK120 FHC parts

(Bernard) #1

Hi everybody,
Here are 2 pictures of parts that came with my completely disassembled April 1953 XK120 FHC and that I have not been unable to identify so far, bearing in mind that they might not be related to the car at all.
So please, reach deep to your inner inspector Clouseau and maybe we can, even partially, solve this mystery.
Many thanks,

(Phil.Dobson) #2

i can’t identify any of them !

(Mike Balch) #3

#4 are two of the four threaded plates that secure the bonnet hinges. The four threaded plates are located on the passenger side of the scuttle.

(Mike Balch) #4

#9 is the mounting bracket for the Tung Sol or Lucas turn signal flasher.

(Terry McGrath) #5

2 the captive plate for regulator
3 could be a adjuster bar for generator but not the original
4 bonnet hinge captive plates
5 the spacers for door locks on B pillar 120fhc and dhc
6 the dust shield front wing to fire wall except top has been cut of
7 is the brackets to hold inner engine bay panels in place to bottom of radiator support bars
9 is the bracket to hold flasher can from under neath bolt on regulator

8 and 10 if you can post better other pics

(Bernard) #6

@Terry_McGrath1 @Mike_Balch @Phil.Dobson
Thank you very much to all of you for your extremely efficient and helpful contribution. Which makes me think that Jag-Lovers should create a special badge for people like you who have technical and historical knowledge of our cars. I suggest to call it the Inspector Clouseau badge:grinning:. And Terry I will take better pictures of parts #8 and #10 and will post them here as an update.

(Rob Reilly) #7

Those #5 spacers were discussed just a couple weeks ago.