Unique 1952 Jaguar XK120, coachwork by Beutler

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Link to interesting pictures of a unique Jaguar XK120 with aluminium coachwork by Swiss coachbuilder Beutler, better known for his work on Porsche 356s. This car seems to have been displayed at the Geneva Motor Show in 1952. The car apparently still resides in Switzerland.

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That car is pictured in the 1973 book “The Jaguar Tradition” by Michael Frostick page 79 along with some other coachbuilt 120s by Kew, Abbott, Pininfarina, Oblin and Stahlimenti Farina.

It has a '51 or '52 engine, '54 or later horn button and windshield washer, unique routing of spark plug wires, modern electrical system.
Is the chassis number known?

Interesting that Beutler took the original rear bumpers and turned them horizontal. I sometimes wonder if Lyons himself first intended them to be horizontal, and then changed his mind for some reason and put them vertical.

Looks like its for sale at CHF 378’000 or $380,000 US dollars.

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According to Clausager (Jaguar XK 120 In Detail) the Beutler car is 660529. Originally pale blue it was displayed at the Geneva Motor Show in 1952 and then later repainted dark red.


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Yep, Clausager page 202, thanks Chris.
In Frostick’s book it is a lighter color so that shot must have been taken when it was pale blue at the show.

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clicking on link there is no picture?

[https://www.anibis.ch/fr/d-automobiles-voitures-de-tourisme–113/jaguar-xk120-beutler-supersport-piece-unique–23840860.aspx?fts=jaguar+xk&loc=salgesch&view=2&pi=2&fcid=4#&gid=1&pid=12 ]

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It has more than a passing resemblence to 1949 Aston Martin Lagonda.