Unknown part in upper ball joint kit


the upper ball joint kits for my '72 2+2 contain a plastic ring and I have no idea what it’s purpose is or where in shall be installed.

Can anyone tell me where it goes?

Thanks, Manfred

I can not ID the part, it may be extra for this application.
If you ordered four sets of ball joints from different suppliers you would find
a different combination of parts in each. My last order the cups did not fit the wishbone.
In the next set, the gaiters did not fit correctly. I have always had problems with the gaiters
not fitting long term.

That is what is supposed to hold the boot in place, instead of an actual clamp or wire.

IME, the translucent plastic boots have a half-life of about 12 seconds. I installed them on my car years ago, and they failed almost immediately. Another set I tried to install on a friends car fit so poorly, it was impossible to keep them in-position - jack up the wheel, and the boot pulled right off the control arm. Garbage.

Ray L.

If its a solid piece of plastic/nylon ,not rubber, it could be an insert for the rubber boot to adapt it and secure it to the a-arm.


You’ll need to order a part ,not included in the kit, in order for it to work. I don’t recall the part number or name but it took some calls to the SNG boys for it to make sense and you’ll still need the wire clamp.
With ALL the pieces the boot will stay in place.

Hi Manfred…i think you will find that the kit is made for 3.8 and 4.2 cars so not all parts are needed …the ring you show fits around the lip of the cup on some wishbones depending on the macheining and acts as a grease retainer…trial fit the black cup into your wishbone…if there is a small recess machined in the wishbone around the lip of the cup this is where the part you show fits…also note that the larger plastic ring shown in your photo has to be fitted the correct way around…if you look at it side on i think you will see that the grove around it is not central…if you get it the wrong way around then the gaiter/boot can come off easily…hope this helps…Steve