Unknown parts left over


After a frame-off restauration on 1966 S-Type 4 more or less identical parts were left over. Two of them were stamped VB09970, the other two stamped VB09992. They look like being mirrored. The size of the parts is about 56 mm x 64 mm and they take a shaft of about 11 mm diameter. the parts are shown in photo 5 mm grid in background.
Any help is apreciated!

(Paul Wigton) #2


(Peter Jan Rusch) #3

These are the dust caps of the Brake calipers.
I removed these for better cooling, as on modern cars that do not have these anymore.

Peter Jan

(Robin O'Connor) #4

Agreed dust caps for the brake calipers, put them back on if you are annal about it otherwise leave them off, makes checking the brake pads that little bit easier.


Hi Peter Jan,

thank you for your answer. It helped a lot and solved my problem.