Unmuting a topic. How to do it

If I’m looking at a topic and I go down to the bell at the bottom left I can choose to mute that topic which means I can no longer see it, can’t even see the title of the topic in the “Latest” column.

If I change my mind how can I unmute that topic so I can see it again?

Thanks John,

I had asked how to MUTE topics and got no response, but now realize why - stupid question and easy to do, don’t know why I hadn’t worked it out myself.
But now having learnt how to MUTE a topic, I would think if you go onto topic menu you could re-open topic, and using same BELL menu, you could access ‘unmute’ there, if not save an old notification of topic on your emails, and go back to it… but that’s a guess, haven’t done it.


Hi Roger. I’d never done it either until the topic you started appeared. I’m glad you asked the question though, I think you brought up discussion of a useful feature.

I’m not sure what the topic menu is. What is see when I open J-L is this:

The latest topics are in the right hand column sorted by the most recent post, the one’s I haven’t read are in bold. And the topics are only from the categories I don’t have muted. Those I know how to mute, and unmute.

When I tried to mark a topic with mute it worked and all reference to that topic disappeared from my view. If I can’t see it, I can’t get to it and can’t open it to change the setting. I don’t get any notifications or other e-mails from J-L in my mailbox, I just call up J-L on my desktop from time to time to see what’s new.

Click on the jag-lovers logo at the top left corner. It will list all the forums (scroll down through them) including the muted ones. You can then access your muted one to un-mute it.

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Right, I understand that David. My question is how does one unmute a specific topic within a category once one has previously muted it.

Edit: I found a way but it’s a bodge, not very elegant. If one mutes a topic and can later find it using the search function, one can then open the topic and unmute it.

I’m doing this on the mobile interface, so I’m not sure if it applies equally to the full size screen version, but this is what I did.

Click on the jag-lovers logo at the top left.
Scroll through the categories until I get to the one I want to un-mute
Click on that category
Under the category picture you’ll see the bell symbol with a line through it
Click on the symbol and you’ll get all the options from Watched through to Normal and Muted. Click on Normal or whichever level of notification you want.
Works fine for me on the mobile interface

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Yes David, but I’m not trying to unmute a category. I’m trying to unmute a topic within a category.

Ah. Sorry for not understanding. I wasn’t even aware that you could Mute a Topic (is a thread). Now that I am, I’ll try to find out if it is reversible.

Try this to find a muted topic that you want to un-mute.

Go to Preferences
Select Categories
You will get a list of which Categories are in each mode: watched, …normal, muted
Above the box containing all the muted categories click on the “show” text at the top
You will get a list (chronological?) Of all the muted topics. If you open that topic and scroll to the end you can change it from Muted to Normal, or any other mode.
Again, I did this from the mobile interface. Haven’t tried the computer interface.

Yes, that does it. Thanks David.