Unpleasant Experience with My CPO 2016 F Type R

Have you contacted your local Congress critter?

I have found, at times, training that particular light upon recalcitrant businesses to be… useful.

Just got my credit card statement and there is a $5000. credit. I guess Jaguar dealer thought they got off cheap and did not dispute credit at all.
Will change oil again soon, most likely no or very little engine damage has resulted over no oil changes over three year period 12K miles. I still have warranty coverage until 10/21 and my last free oil change in October.
I have only put 1100 miles on the F since purchase, have got to get out and drive more. DMV won’t let be pick up my special order plates for now because they are closed, are they not essential?


Well, that is likely the best outcome one could hope for, and good onya for pressing the issue.