Unrecognised part. Can someone please out me out of my misery and tell me if this fits my E Type?

HELP PLEASE: I have a Rod/Bar which is 39 1/4 inches long, 1/2 inch thick, with 1/4 UNF threads at each end. I striped the car 20 years ago and now retired I’m finally looking to rebuild her but have no idea if this is part of the car and if it is what does it do?


Doesn’t ring any bells. What year/model is your car? A picture would be helpful. Use the Upload icon (a horizontal bar with a vertical arrow).

Hi all. The car is a 1968 Series 1.5 E Type 2+2 Auto ExLHD. The car was resprayed by a friend with a bodyshop some 20 years ago but my friend had to move out of his workshop so I got the car back painted but full of bits inside and in boxes. Most parts are quite obvious but I can’t work out if it’s part of the car or not. It’s not painted been sitting inside the car for 20 years with the other bits. The only thing is that the threaded ends are UNF so like most of the parts on the car. I will try to load a picture. Thanks for your help guys.

I tried to attach a photo?

I don’t think that is an XKE part. Possibly a radiator cowl support or something similar for a different vehicle also in the body shop at the time. 1/2" rod turned down to 1/4" threaded ends could be fabricated rather than OEM for whatever it does belong to.

I think you’ve found the fabled “Johnson Rod”.

On a serious note, is the movable part of the rear seat back installed. It’s been maybe out 20 years since I took one apart but if that rod goes anywhere it might be part of that mechanism. I have vague memories of a rod like that being part of the mechanism.

EDIT: Found it in a parts book, stand by.

Part #5

Torsion Bar Assembly, connecting Forward Link of Mounting Brackets, BD28572

When installed it’s tucked out of sight behind the upper chrome strip on the movable portion of the seat back.

Behind the chrome trim the red arrow is pointing at.


Bravo! John.
Well done.

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Hi John

Thanks for your reply. I think you are right, I did think rear seat as its got to be about that wide. Maybe a pivot to hinge the seat flat. All the trim is wrapped in bubble wrap in loft. So I will dig it out and check.

Thanks Again

Cheers Chris