Unreliable brakes

one important question…WHAT brake fluid did you use 2 years ago? This car is like mine, it is supposed to take Dot3, but you can safely use Dot4 (I used Dot4 synthetic).

You are NOT supposed to use Dot 5/5.1, it is not compatible with 3 and 4.

Drained system of old fluid and used for four .

Greg I think you will find DoT 5.1 is compatible with DoT 4
I agree with DoT 5 NOT being compatible with 4 or 5.1

I’ve got DOT 5.1 - it’s fully compatible with DOT 3&4.

DOT5 is really rare in the cars these days. Obviously won’t work with any other DOTs / brake systems not designed for it…

The clutch master cylinder on my Mercedes failed some time ago.
It was working fine but occasionally the pedal would just go to the floor. Very disconcerting…
The autopsy revealed it was full of rust and the seals were in a very bad sate.

If the fluid is still new I would get the car in the air and see if a brake is locking up after the brake is released - then put in a new master cylinder and change the fluid in the process.

When my master cylinder seal(s) failed the pedal went straight through to the floor.
A while later it worked again, once, then it didn’t, for good.

Believe me, I gave all I could, there was no second circuit even though it is dual circuit.
I just changed the seals and fluid and now all is good, and it doesn’t sink down at stop lights anymore, either.

I did (finally) find the problem to my brakes. The pistons in the front calipers were sticking. The fluid pressure would press the pistons against the pads to stop the car, but then the pistons would not retract causing the brake pads to stay engaged and cause the brakes to overheat. The solution was a set of new calipers and pads along with a full system bleed. Everything works just right now! I’ve even got the parking brake working properly! Not too long after solving the Jag brake issue, I had a similar issue with the brakes on my 911 and had to replace those front calipers as well. At least the second time I knew what to look for!!!

I believe DOT 4…correct fluid…