Unrestored road registered MKV

saw something you dont see often today…a MKV that has full road rego, and driven but is unrestored.

I have the seen the car around a couple of times, but didnt realise I used to work with the owner 30 years ago, he even told me he had bought an old Jag at the time, but I thought it was a MKVII

unfortunately we didnt have time to chat much, I said…“never restore this car” he wasnt intending to, it had a patina of rust crazing on the bonnet, so something would have to be done there eventually I guess

I was amazed at the condition of the seats, and commented they must have been redone, as they appeared to be vinyl. He was of the belief the interior was original & matching, as apparently other export MKV had the same interior

he originally bought it off a little old lady lived in his street, and is a qualified mechanic, so its in good hands.

We’d love to know the chassis number and see some pictures if you get a chance to get some.
Really no reason it can’t be a daily driver, its fast enough to keep up with most traffic in town.
Leather seats with rexine door panels was normal. I’m not sure by your profile flag whether you are in Australia or New Zealand, but there was some local partial assembly of Mark Vs in that part of the world for tax reasons, known as CKD cars, so vinyl seats are possible.

Australia, maybe a CKD car (he said “for the export market”), almost certain it wasnt leather, other Oz or NZ owners may be able to shed some light

unfortunately, I didnt get the year or the motor size, although I did see it, think it was a 3.5

my middle son is his next door neighbour, so I should be able to get some details,

Tony, what location and colour?

I may know car, and if so gave arranged to meet up with owner next week.

My car is a superb original, unrestored 1949 Mark V, extremely early chassis number and is suede green.



color I would describe as gun metal grey with dark interior, owners name is Tony as well

he doesnt come to the Jag Club, but had some other projects, including (I think a '26 Chev)

We did have a very nice one in the Club, pale green, with suede green interior, got sold

there was also in my suburb, a BRG MKV drophead, a rare car, havent seen it for a long time, and the owner was a fairly elderly fellow

Tempting though it is, I feel the same way about my Rover: it wouldn’t increase its value, and it would destroy its originality.

I might repaint the bonnet, in flatted paint…:wink:

Maybe the same green car that was in Newcastle area. The one I am meeting up with is now on the North Coast, but I recall when speaking to owner three years ago that he had purchased it from central-west NSW.

I am currently at the triannual Classic Jaguar Rally in Forbes, many Mark IVs and Vs including DHCs, all driven several hundred kms from their home towns, so no trailer cars, and none of the Mark Vs are gunmetal, but will ask.


I am not sure on the interior Roger, it was owned by a Hunter Club member, who was an Engineer…I adjusted his park brake for him in 5mins, after he had been told it was stuffed.

He sold it to a “young couple”…here is how you will know…on the lower front apron, some stone chips have been repaired, your eagle eye should spot this…(its a long story there, but the PPO didnt, and he wasnt happy)

There is also a very nice MKV come into our club, only seen it once, must be restored, blue.
(most local Jag club member s own later model Jags in our club)

I am not sure what I would do with this gents car, hopefully I can get some pics, the bonnet is pretty much down to brown metal, like old '20s trucks that stay just “as is”

as he said, and I agree, he keeps it in excellent mechanical condition, think he said he has been thru the engine, and all needed mechanical maintenance (would be needed to keep full road rego, they can be strict, helps to know someome)

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Here’s an early one 620275. This was in Brisbane up until recently.

Thanks Tony.

The ‘young couple’ is appropriate, so possibly same car. I will confirm after visit, hopefully next Saturday. It’s definately suede green paint, but not so sure about interior. But a very early Mark V and in exceptional unrestored/original condition as I remember.


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just came across these pics taken when I saw the car parked near to a British car show,
“properties” show them to be 7 years old

This is Mark V I was talking about.
Pictures taken in 2014. I had arranged to meet up last week, but unfortunately things didn’t work out, so no more recent photos…

Its a very early car, #190 RHD 3.5 litre.