Unused connectors in center console of '88 XJ6

(Alvan Judson) #1

Hello, everyone. I’m just about to re-install the center console off my newly acquired XJ6 and it seems that connectors 1,2,3,4 on the photo have no home. 1 and 2 are labelled LH and 3 and 4 are labelled RH. Does anyone recognize them? The yellow plugs each have 3 wires : white/pink, brown/yellow and brown/green. Thanks in advance.

(Robin O'Connor) #2

Hi no picture attached with your post.

(Alvan Judson) #3

Just joined the Forum. How do I add photos?

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I believe there’s a time/post number restriction. One of the admins will reply when they are online (i.e. awake :slight_smile: )

(Alvan Judson) #5

Thanks, Robin. I suspected that may be the case. They are probably enjoying their Easter holiday!

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(Alvan Judson) #7

I’ll do that right now. Thanks again.

(Paul M. Novak) #8

You are on the wrong list. Your XJ6 is newer than the Series I, II, and III XJ6s and XJ12s discussed on this XJ list. Your car is discussed on the XJ40 list, XJ40 was the internal Jaguar project number for your newer model. Maybe someone there can help you.


(Alvan Judson) #9

Thanks, Paul. I’ll try and move it to the XJ40 list.

(Robin O'Connor) #10

They could well be redundant for your level of trim. Economies of scale means that manufacturers produce the wiring harnesses to cater for the top models and they leave plugs that the lower models don’t require in-situ, but unconnected.

(Alvan Judson) #11

The LH and RH labels made me think of a central switch for door mounted mirrors. I’m hesitant to bundle everything back together and finish the re-assembly (I received the car with a lot of the wiring disconnected) only to find something doesn’t work.

(Bryan N) #12

A quick browse of the circuit diagrams for an '88 XJ40 did not reveal any 3-way yellow connectors in the centre console with that combination of the three wire colours you mention (White/pink -WK, Brown/yellow - NY, Brown/green - NG)

Usually (always?) Jaguar convention means that a NY wire is at fused battery voltage (always hot) and a WK wire is Ignition Switched voltage direct from the Ignition ON relay.

I suppose you could check the relevant pins of those connectors to determine if they are ‘live’; in those circumstances.

Use of the NG wire colour is pretty limited. I can only see it used for the front BFMs, the centre console clock, the door lock control unit and from the A/C control panel to the climate control micro processor but in none of those applications does it run through a yellow 3-way connector in the centre console - but I may have missed something! :slight_smile:

What are the wire colours to the black connectors #2 and #4 in your photograph?

(Alvan Judson) #13

Thanks for your reply, Bryan. The black connectors each have 6 wires, namely 3 orange, black with white, orange with white and red with slate. As you surmised, the brown/yellow in the yellow connectors is live at all times. With the ignition on, the red with slate in each of the black connectors becomes live as do the white with pink wires in each of the yellow connectors. Both pairs of connectors are identical except that one wire bunch is clearly marked LH and the other RH. (Judging by the wire lengths, the mating bits, whatever they are meant to be, are somewhere on the centre console)

(Bryan N) #14

OK, I’m going to take a flyer here, assuming that either the Jaguar circuit diagrams are slightly in error or (excuse me!) your identification of the wire colours is a little off. :slight_smile:

The only things I can find which are ‘close’ to the connector and wire colours you quote and have a LH/RH component in the centre console are … the seat heaters (which of course were not fitted to all cars)
Here goes
There are two 3-way yellow connectors, LB97 Driver and LB99 Passenger
The pin/wire colors for both are :- #1 White/pink (WK), #2 Brown/yellow (NY), #3 Red (R )

The two 6-way black connectors are:-

LB48 Driver with pins/wires, #1Pink/white (KW), #2 Pink/orange (WO), #3 Red/blue (RU), #4 Black/pink (BK), #5 Orange (O), #6 Orange (O)

LB39 Passenger with pins/wires, #1 Orange/white (OW), #2 Orange (O), #3 Red/blue (RU), #4 Black/pink (BK), #5 Orange (O), #6 Orange (O)

Hope the above makes sense! :slight_smile:

(Alvan Judson) #15

Brilliant sleuthing, Bryan, and thanks for going to all that trouble. I haven’t double checked yet but there’s a good chance that my wire colour identifications are a bit off. This car does not have seat heaters but why on earth would even Jaguar need a total of 9 wires per side? Even with an underseat relay or two and a couple of heat settings for the squab and the back, it’s hard to come up with the need for 9 wires per side.:grinning: Cheers, Alvan Judson