Unused switch put to use?

Just curious if you have put your unused (unconnected, unlabeled) rocker / toggle on the dash to good use?
My unused switch is the far right one on the 1970 E-type, left hand drive, and I was thinking making it either a radiator fan on/of bypass switch, or a power antenna switch.
Your thoughts?

Same here - ideal for a manual fan switch , if you don`t already have one .

Me too…manual fan switch…

I live in a fairly hot country, work on and drive E Types on a daily basis. The manual fan switch is an insurance to some degree, but if you need to use it on a regular basis, you have a problem with the cooling system, or the engine, which the manual switch just masks.

I’ve fitted quite a few Laycock de Normanville overdrive units to S3 OTS cars and use the vacant switch as the switch for the overdrive. Not all cars have a vacant switch. Cars with a heated rear window have the right most switch allocated to it.



I converted mine to operate the fuel pump. An ant-theft device!

Dennis 69 OTS

Mine disables the power radio antenna.

Mine is the defroster switch , now repurposed as the low speed manual fan that will also activate a 10 timer even w ign off .

That’s what I did too, worked great keeping Jerry Mouton from stealing my '68 on the BC’ol :slight_smile:

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I also have a fuel cut off switch (though not that right most one) so tell the truth now…

How often are you driving away from somewhere and you wonder why the engine is starting to cut out?

It is certainly a good feeling when I realize that switch is the only issue.

Used to happen a lot! And yes it’s a really good feeling when you figure it out, in fact it feels SO good you want to do it all over again :slight_smile:

Wiring the switch for the fuel pump is a helpful anti-theft device. I also hide my charged iPhone in the car at night when I’m on the road and will use the Find My iPhone app to track it if it disappears. Turn the sound off so the thieves aren’t alerted to its location if someone calls.