Up load pictures to site from an I-pad

I need help W/an a/c installation in a 1969 e-type & would like to send
pictures with my question. Can anyone tell me how to forward the pictures from an I-pad W/my questions?
Michael Caro

In the tool bar header, select the upload arrow. It will then ask if the photo to be uploaded is to come from the camera or an existing photo. It will insert the uploaded photo where ever you leave the cursor.


This may be common knowledge - I don’t know -

For posting, I have used a combination of my iPhone, iPad, and home desktop computer. I discovered that I can start a draft post (a new topic or a reply) on one device, and continue the draft post on another device. This has allowed me to type at my desktop computer, and then add photos from my iPhone, or iPad, or both, before “publishing” the post to the list. It’s been helpful!

To do this, just start typing your message on one device, and then click “cancel” down at the bottom. It’ll offer you the option to keep the post, or abandon it. Choose “keep”.

Then, go to your other device, click on your user icon at the top right of the screen and then select your username from the drop down menu. From there, you’ll get another drop down menu. Select “drafts” from that and it’ll let you continue editing the draft post you started on your other device, or add pictures as well.