Update: 1994 xj6 barely. got me home

I believe the fuel pump relay on later models ( like mine) isn’t a single unit but is part of a larger 4-relay module and that is located in the trunk by the antenna iirc

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Hi Larry, Now we might be getting somewhere. I do recall seeing something like what you describe tucked up in the corner between the harness from the battery and the radio antenna. I can’t recall exactly because I didn’t take them to be relays. The car is now on the mechanics lift to examine and trace fuel line pressure stem to stern. I will have to wait until monday to verify. Would you happen to know the part description and/or oem part number so I can source replacements? Thanks for this info

I don’t know the part number but the parts site should find it:


FWIW there’s another relay that governs fuel supply and this one is on the firewall - the oxygen sensor heater relay.

My fuel pump relay is blue and mounted by the rear lamp module.

jagman66E - curious, what are the last 6 digits of your VIN?

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My car also has a fuel pump relay in the trunk. (3/1994) VIN: 703111

Last six digits are 699137.

This text is to say thanks to all who responded and to update my situation.

  1. The problem appears to be a physical failure within the fuel pump cannister which as been repaired but not installed yet. :crossed_fingers:
    A replacement was offered to me but I was told shipping might be prohibitive. I have found only
    two the U.S., one @ $350 and one complete pump module for $600. Makes me wonder how high can shipping be?

  2. I did find a relay as in the picture sent me but I can’t verify what it is because it is tucked high up in the front right corner of the trunk, behind a small panel, and all I can see is the harness connector. I will wait until my repaired part is installed and working before proceeding further.
    That is up to my mechanics work load.

  3. All the other suggestions have been tried and ruled out.

Again I thank everyone for their help.

Where are you located?

Rock Island Tennessee, zip 38581

I believed you mentioned you had a fuel pump canister. It that is true and you are willing to part with it how much would you require for it?
I am continuing to search f[r one in the event my repair fails. (as they usually do) :frowning:
Thanks for your reply.

Not me, I sold my spare tank years ago. I think it was Robin that had one in NZ?

Yep thats me, I’ll see if your short address gives me enough information to figure out the postage costs.

I would propably have to pick it up at the P.O.
at that zip code anyway. A package secure enough to ship overseas probably would not fit the mail box anyway. Thanks for checking.

It’s tough plastic. You could throw it down a flight of stairs and it wouldn’t be affected. Put it in a plastic bag and stick a stamp on it, job done. LOL

I think i’ll text Robin and tell him not to pay any attention to you :rofl: