Update: Caput A/C compressor on my '77 XJ6-C

Having taken in all the advice on this forum, and doing my research, I decided remaining with R-12 was the best route to take.
There is just one shop in town that handles R-12, and of course, he’s clear across town. That meant if I did it myself I’d have to go 15 miles, have the old coolant removed, drive 15 miles home to remove and replace the compressor and dryer, then drive 15 miles to have the system pressure checked before pumping in new R-12. If it failed, and needed new hoses, there was another 15 miles, replace all the hoses (custom made), then back for another pressure test/refill.
Take the car to the shop at 8AM on Monday, wait for phone call: if hoses were needed I’d have to pick up the old ones to be copied and then run them back to the shop - probably 24 hour turn around for the hoses. Then wait for phone call.
The shop called about 3PMon Monday, the job was done and passed pressure test.
Within the hour I was FREEZING MY a** OFF as I drove home.
Total cost: $320 for parts
$300 for R-12 @$100 per PD.
$276 for labor
$5.00 for dye and oil
$91.70 tax
Total $990.70
I count it as money well spent.

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