Update on F type battery problems

Certified 2017 Ftype with 12K miles get it home and low battery display on dash. Go to local Jag dealer and they replace battery with new. Two days later low battery display on dash again. When this happens voltage is at about 12.25 or less and stop-start does no work and lights and gauges act up. Fed up with the clowns at Jag dealer I go and purchase a new battery on my dime and install it. Everything is working well for the first and the final test is if there is a voltage drop overnight. The Jaguar labeled batteries are made by Interstate and believe the 2nd one the put in was old stock and defective.
New battery is a Champion with 4 year free replacement and has 900 amp rating instead of original rating of 850 amp. Three weeks with this car and three batteries, not a good start. Jaguar has asked me to rate their service on social media, are they nuts. I gave them one hell of a bad rating they deserved.

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Well I thought the new battery solved problems but not. After a few days the gremlins have returned. Very strange but I know when things are not right.
The four way flasher triangle will stay lit and yellow lights on doors also but not all the time. Will have to take back to dealer, a different one this time.

We are very lucky to have in our Club a true Jag nut who is also an expert Electronic Engineer and Automotive Diagnostician, recently 2 guys with late model rear mounted battery vehicles were having a hell of a time with non-start, limp mode and other weird issues

On our “technical day” it was shown on the spot that replacing the battery at least temporarily fixed the issue. I cannot remember if they were F-types

I do recall thinking as a trained electronics technician that a battery in the rear and so many computers is a problem waiting to happen

I will attempt to find out what was the situation in respect of those vehicles

Thanks Tony
My 97 XJ6 and 99XK8 with batteries in trunk never had any electrical problems.
Always bought the best quality batteries I could find as replacements.
These new cars are so voltage sensitive and demand more from batteries, yet the battery in the F type is smaller than the one used in XJ and XK.
These cars have systems that always have a small drain on the battery, long gone are the days of letting the car sit for months and expect them to start up. A mechanic friend could not figure out why a new Acura was draining the battery. It turned out that when he went into the house from garage and placed key fob on hall table it was too close to car and car never completely shut down. Mfgs. are cutting back on quality and size of batteries on new cars. Have replaced two batteries this past year that leaked acid and or died
after a year.