Update on XK120 ENV axle numbers

I thought I’d post the current version of the ENV serial numbers list that I’ve been compiling. It seems likely that that the JHS number was stamped by Jaguar during assembly of the car. Those numbers very nearly follow each other chronologically. I think the "No.- - - - * must have been stamped by ENV, I think. The vast majority of the axle details I’ve so far collected show the standard ratio of 14 51 - 3.64:1.
Of course, I’m only too happy to add more numbers to the list if anyone should wish to oblige. A photo is great, too!

Hi Chris –

You can add this one to your list as well:

JHS 322
No 2611
14 51

This resides in my March, 1950 steel OTS car 670236. Ratio per the numbers is 3.64. I had it out recently for a good clean up as part of a generalized rebuild of the brakes. The numbers weren’t very legible so I sprayed some white paint over them then quickly wiped the over spray off with a rag dipped in spirits so the marks would stand out.

Hope this helps.

Thanks very much, Christopher. Great to have another one!


Stamper had a lazy day. Best I can make out:

No. 4388, JHS1555, 14-51, 660365, Steel, 28/11/50


That’s brilliant, Matthew. Your numbers seem to fit the pattern perfectly!

Here is another data point that seems to fit.
Steel OTS
build date May 11, 1951
numbers on diff:
NO 4609
JHS 1672
14 51

Many thanks, Jim - it fits right in there!

I’ve been watching this thread since it was started, I finally had a chance to get my numbers for you.

NO. 3481
JHS 921
14 51

Chasis 670713
13 Sept 50
numbers seem to fit right in the list

And the green paint, too.

Thanks a lot, Cliff. Fits the pattern perfectly, so no surprises there.

Yes, mine’s green too.



Another ENV axle number (if you’re still interested in these numbers…)
In Germany an ENV axle is offered for sale (pinion gone).
The numbers are:
No. 5855
JHS 2323
14 51
So standard ratio 3.64

Had a quick look and it fits nicely in your table: mid 1951?

Bob K.


Thanks so much, Bob. I’m always excited to get another ENV number! It fits right in there, nicely. I don’t suppose you have any idea of the chassis number of the car it came off?

Sorry Chris. The seller states that it’s a “barn clearance” (but then of course in German…). It may well have been there for many years.

Bob K.

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Hi Chris, Here is another one. I bought it for an early 1951 OTS project coming up. I do not know the car it is from. Hope the number is useful but as yet I do not have it here to make a clearer image.

Many thanks, Gary.I think it says No 4953, JHS 1926, 14 51 (3.64) so it fits the pattern well.

From Urs Schmid’s book Vol 1 pg 136.
453 JHS 88 14 51
Car not identified but might be his own.

I got that one, Rob! I assumed it might be off #670035. Thanks for bringing it to my attention, though. I had it down wrongly as JHS 33, but it is definitely 88 as the shape of the 3 in “453” is different! Funnily enough, it fits the pattern better as JHS 33 (unless it is not off #670035).

Hi Chris,
I just obtained an ENV axle (and also a complete Salisbury 4HA) for a 120, well preserved in grease and oil. I will get a chance to look at the numbers tomorrow and will forward them to you along with pictures. They were both included in a parts buy that my brother and I completed on Sunday.

Best regards,
Tom Brady

Many thanks, Tom. It is always good to get another one!

I now think that there is no proof which car this diff was fitted to, or even if it was one of Urs Schmid’s own cars. I know he had #670063 (Dec 1949) and #670387 (June 1950). Neither seem to fit the pattern all that well. I would expect JHS 88 to be from January 1950. #670063 is the more likely of the two. The Swiss plate SO 31677 seems to be fitted to all the XK120s pictured in the Schmid book.