UPDATED: FAIL re: Mounted - '99 Corvette Grand Sport Wheels

I finally got everything running good enough to go for a drive up and down the driveway. No go. Thinking maybe the brakes were rusted up (they were), I gave it a bit of gas and the 315s in back barked. The front wheels are pretty hard into the tie rod ends. The rears are also a little closer than I like. It’s looking like I need to move up to bolt-on 1 1/4" spacers all around.

Several years ago I picked up a set of '99 Corvette Grand Sport wheels for $250. The tires are 275/40-17 front and 315/35-17 rear.

Cal Customs 75832 1" wheel spacers all around
Moser 8070 Wheel Studs on the rear
Moser 8010 Wheel Studs on the front, but I had to have a machine shop install them.

The flares are trailer fenders welded in place. The Jag fenders were cut to match the curve of the flares - cut small and work your way out. We ended up welding a lot of air to fill in some gaps. I cut slots in the inner fender to wedge the flares into. It’s welded inside and out. The rear door had to be cut around the flare. I bought the flares at different times and used what was available. It’s crap can racing, so I’m not too picky about them matching. If I were to do it again, I would use the rounded ones both front and rear. The rear inner fender seams were hammered flat.

We (try to) race in the 24 Hours of Lemons. The engine is a 500cid Cadillac.

  • Note - edited with the correct front wheel stud part number. Always keep your receipts kiddos!

Thanks! I did take care to line the flat-top fenders with the body line, but the rounded front fenders look classier.

I didn’t mention earlier, but to replace the rear studs, use a cutting wheel and carefully grind off the backsides of the existing studs. Grab them from the front side with vise grips and thread them out the front. Thread the Moser 8070 studs in place and put a tack weld on the backside.

If you want to see our Jaguar never failing to fail, we’re about 2:45 into this video.


BEST racing in Amurka!

I really want to build a LeMons car…but then I’m reminded of things like motels… tow vehicle… WORK…fuel…food…then, I just go lie down till the feeling passes.