Updating Europe Maps

I am in the UK but this would apply to anyone updating the European Navigation maps which come bundled with Russia. Maps are downloaded from the Maps and Services section on the jaguar.here.com website. For the European maps, the site recommends using a 32Gb USB stick which, when formatted to FAT32 file format leaves only 28.8Gb of available memory. Unfortunately, the current map size is 29.2Gb and it won’t download because it detects that there won’t be enough room.

Sooo… you would be forgiven for thinking that you just need a larger USB stick. The next common size is 64Gb. This presents an immediate problem if you are a Windows user since Windows will not format a USB stick larger than 32Gb with FAT32 and this is the only file format that the Navigation system uses. Windows will format a 64Gb USB stick in a file system called exFAT and I found that I had to use this as an intermediate step. Then you need to find a free portable app called FAT32 Format. You don’t have to download it, just run it from the website. You can then use it to convert the file format on your 64Gb USB stick to FAT32 after which the maps will download.

None of this is explained on the jaguar.here.com website but I hope that this information is of use to someone trying to download their European map update.

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