Updating the Garage Floor

There has been some discussions (in an existing discussion) about whats the best way to improve and update one’s garage floors.
Having been faced with that decision, and gone through that process lately, I believe this should have its own topic.
I have created a link that should be helpful for those faced with the same decisions as I did.
For those interested the link is provided below.

Upgrading My Garage Floor. (bernardembden.com)


Bernard your garage floor looks GREAT! Can you share what product you used and approximate cost.


As described in the website, I hired a professional company to do the garage floor. The process was somewhat involved because they had to grind down the new and old garage floors. Cost was around $4K

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Not a bad cost at all for the work that was required

Very nice I like it and I bet it’s very durable.
A few months ago I made a floor of epoxy using white as base coat and got some different powder to mix in to make a little creative art studio. I also made an little corner desk out of mdf and made the colors look like they fell down onto floor. I did it all on a flexible membrane because I did it inside an old landscaping trailer.



I have always found your posts interesting and some of your Jaguar modifications (i.e. aircraft inspired creation) curious but fascinating. Don’t change. (smile)

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