Upgraded Calipers

In answer to your question and not to engage in original v’s aftermarket opinion casting;
I used Zeus 4 piston cast iron last 10 years, worked a treat and bolt straight on, my car currently getting a refresh and now have Zeus alloy 4 piston and vented discs, straight swap over.
Rear I now have full Fossway kit that bolts straight in, for me the Fossway vented rear is not about stopping any better it’s about keeping the output shaft seals/diff cooler thus negating potential oil leaks, if a seal does leak oil is flung through the disc between the 2 braking surfaces not onto/pads, their system also provides super quick and easy pad replacement, hand brake adjustment and bleeding without even lifting the car. My IRS was out, diff getting rebuilt so no extra work required, the benefits as I see given my intended use and hope that my car never has to come apart again for major surgery during my lifetime are major motivating factors.
As for the kits, top quality gear, both Fossway and Zeus well thought out and beautifully finished.


I was wondering about that too. I replaced the master cylinders and disks with new but rebuilt all four calipers. The brakes feel perfectly fine to me.

Oddly enough, one of the few things what worked on my car when I bought it was the parking brake.

That for all the great comments, they all make a lot of sense.

David, your comment about the spare makes a lot of sense and based on that issue I will stay away from the Fosseway Big Brake setup that requires 6 inch wheels. For now I will stick with 5 inch wheels and 185’s.

Craig, like you I hope to have to remove the IRS only once in my lifetime and thus the Fosseway rear kit seems sensible if only from an ease of service point of view.

That leaves me with vented or non-vented discs. Most of what I read seems to indicate I will never need vented discs as I won’t be doing any track runs, but is there a downside to adding them just in case?

Thanks again for all the great advice.


Not in the back: that’s the end most prone to heat-induced fade.

The original Dunlop cylinders on my Mk2 gave a firm to hard pedal and good progressive braking. Pushing hard the brakes would lock, but the car kept a straight line. I drove the car in the Alps and at high speed on the German autobahn without a problem. However, maintenance is another story. The pads wore quickly and required changing before they started to spread and become difficult to remove. The cylinders suffered corrosion. All round, easier maintenance is the big motivation for an upgrade.

When I bought my car (a complete resto project of a '67 FHC) the previous owner had accumulated many parts over the years. One of the things he bought, which I won’t be using, is a pair of the SNG Barratt upgraded front calipers. Happy to sell them at a healthy discount over retail if you are interested. They are still brand new and in the box, never installed. SNG Barratt UK | Keeping your Jaguar on the road

Last year I replaced my series 3 rear Calipers with BUDWEG callipers, excellent quality made in Denmark and sold by SNG . They are exactly the same as the originals .
No regrets . I reported in the forum by then .

I have an S2 and replaced the fronts w Wilwoods on new solid rotors. Extremely happy with the feel and complete absense of squeal. As Terry suggested, unless you want to track the car, the solid rotors are absolutely fine.

The adaptor is a cake walk and had them made by a machine shop local to me and that have made them for other e-type owners. I can give you their contact info if you DM me. You can just call and order them. The rear brakes on the S2 are a great match for the front wilwoods as well.


Thanks for all the great feedback .

I have decided to go with the Fosseway 4 pots on the front and the Fosseway rear brake kit. What I like about the rear kit is the easy access to change pads and the remote bleeder kit. I ordered both without the logos.

For the discs I am going with the vented discs. I realize this is probably not necessary, but I do live near the Georgia mountains and I might someday want to try it on a track so I figured I would future proof it.

Thanks again,