"Upgraded Radiator Bleed Screw"

Hmmmm. My MIL is Polish and my FIL was Lithuanian. They didn’t get along at all. Maybe there’s something to this.

LOL, Kirby … ! :laughing:

AttyDallas. I have been on Jag. Lovers since 2006.
I can vouch for John.
I bought several parts from John and his work and communication is top shelf!
He also gives free advice on other Jag situations and parts. He need more people like John.

Way back when, circa 52, a fellow officer ands I had German girl friends. Each of us married them., worked well A third had a Lithuanian gal. Definitely a “looker”.
The got along well. Mot known as to the final outcome.
Although, Lithuania is a small country, the folks are fiercely independant. HMMMM