Upgrading to later style parallel flow A/C condenser

Later cars came with parallel flow condensers. Has anyone installed that in early car? Or I’ll be the first? :slight_smile:

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I am pretty sure Ed Sowell upgraded his car. My upgrade to a parallel flow condenser is on my website. http://bernardembden.com/xjs/pcond/index.htm


Yes, I used one as well. Make sure the one you choose does not have a orifice tube inside (can be removed).

I added a trans cooler at the same time.

I’m talking about the one that was used in XJS with 4.0l engines:
Part number MHD7390BA
Lower mounting will have to be modified, but apart from that looks like should be a direct fit.

will this cause more heat for the engine

Will see… :slight_smile: At least A/C system should be more efficient then with serpentine type condenser.

How many choices are there for parallel flow R-134a condensers? It sounds like at least three: One for the V12, one for the 4.0, and aftermarket. Can anyone provide enlightenment on these options? Why would one choose one over another?

Yes, I did the retrofit using an aftermarket parallel flow condenser. Writeup is at my website.

Modified condenser ready to go in:

Had to make new lower mounting brackets and hose connector was different then on serpentine condenser. Local AC repair shop just soldered on new correct fitting with a peace of tube:

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Very nice “à la John John style” job !


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