Upholstery behind seats

I am reupholstering a 1954 xk120rdstr. Is there a piece that goes over the rear D rubber leather behind the seats above where the conv top is stored? Well that is kind of confusing. The front dash has a piece that covers under the dash, is there something similar behind the seats?

There’s nothing there but the underside of the body.
I took a picture but was embarrassed by area’s neglected appearance.
An awkward area to service.

I’ve just finished trimming my 52 XK120 ots. If I understand you correctly the leather covers the tonneau crash roll behind the seats then is stuck using an impact adhesive to the underside of the boot/trunk panel. Each side of the side screen storage hole there should be a small area where 3mm plywood is fixed. Originally this was to provide a tack fixing for the leather. This is eventually all covered by the B post trim panels.

here is a picture of the wood tack strips



I just started the retriming of my 54. I have alot of questions. Do yoy have any pictures? One really big question is the number and placement of tge screws that hold all the panel to tge body.


Hello Bob,

I will try to take some pictures for you this weekend.

Did you mean the positions of the B post trim panel fixing screws?

I didn’t understand the abbreviation ‘TGE’


Hi Bob,

Specifically which trim panels? There are the A & B post, the front under the crash roll, and the panels under the instrument panel.


Casing screws and locations:

I can confirm these screw locations are as original ona Dec '53 car.



I would guess this is the way it looked like originally:



Would you happen to have pictures of the original panel under the cowl - dash area showing screw locations?



and under the dash:

All Panel original.


lots of info. Thanks !
Did your car retain the large panel under the heater area?


Hello again,

It looks like you’re doing a fine job! I allowed a little more leather before trimming it off just the make sure that it the cut edges were hidden by the b post trim panel. John

No, unfortunately not.

However the new one is mounted as original would have been - need more photos?..


John, I am not the one to take credit for it - my great upholstery man did it (with a kit from BAS) which needed a few alterations…

But it was done few years back.

Yes ,
I need to know screw locations for the large panel.



Was that the BAS in the UK or the US? The one thing I found for concern is that the leather that some trimmers use and the leather available elsewhere is upholstery hide and not UV stable. I was careful when sourcing leather to
buy only automotive/aviation hide.

Many years ago I completely restored an AH Frogeye Sprite. The body was finished in its original colour of Leaf green. I bought a Forest green hide for the seats. The car went on to have five more owners, one of which contacted
me and asked why I had chosen bright blue leather for the seats! The UV light had burned away the yellow pigment from the green hide leaving just the blue!!



The leather was probably automotive, but it was not the best leather they could have found…


I cheated on the XK140 roadster I did recently and used aluminum instead of card shaped it to the curved NS tonneau support and put a screw in the middle of the end of B post trim to hold it up tight to curve

Steve, I am sorry to post it late.

Here it goes:

Note the 2 lager #10 screws’ other end is in the engine bay.