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Has anyone bought the leather seat covers and foam kit from Aldridge and fitted them or must they be fitted by an upholsterer?

Many years ago on a trip to the UK I had Aldridge make me up a set of front seat leather covers for my 3.8S. So far I have only needed to fit the bottom cushion covers but I did have an upholstery shop do it along with fitting the new foams. It was beyond my skill level and access to hog ring pliers.

I’ve just disassembled the seats on my ‘66 ‘S’ to dispose of them and its a major job if you don’t have the correct tools.

Thanks for the comments. Robin, I will be keen to know how the job turns out. Are you an upholsterer or is your first attempt? I would like to tackle the job and would be happy to buy the necessary tools. I have access to hog ring pliers, what else would I need? My car is a 1964 Daimler 2.5 V8

No not an upholsterer just a guy with 4 elder brothers that said if you want a car you repair it. That was 50+ years ago. I was merely reducing the seats to the frames to recycle the steel.

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Certainly not beyond the scope of anyone with a bit of patience, and mechanical attitude. Hog ring pliers and rings, a heat gun, some wide bill smooth face pliers, various size clamps and contact cement. Cotton padding is a plus material as well. Im sure someone with more experience than me can help you with the specifics on how to properly shape the padding and fit the covers. Let us know how it goes.


I agree, worth a try.
I understand that if you buy the shaped foams with the leather covers, no other padding or material is required but I will confirm that with Aldridge.
I haven’t bought the kit yet, it’s reasonably priced in UK but I am in Australia and the freight more than doubles the cost. The foams are bulky and they are the most expensive part of the freight.
I have spoken to an upholster who I know well and he strongly me advised to buy the foams. He said that it would take him 2-3 days to install the kit so it’s no 5-minute job but I am keen to give it a go. I just have to decide whether to remove good original seats for new ones!

There are foams, and then there are foams. Try and make sure you get cushions made from latex foam. Thats what they were originally, and ride much better than the other stiffer types that just make the seats look good, but you sit about 2 inches higher in them and they are taught.

Thanks, good tip. Does anyone know about the foams used by Aldridge?

I’ve never dealt with Aldridge but understand that Johnathan Skinner may carry latex foam cushions for some applications.