Upholstery Replacement

pictures I posted at the top of this thread. Even this amount was not quite enough but a good starting point the next car we are trimming I will come slightly closer to the edge and put a few more holes in.

Got the pics thanks Chris,

Haven’t had time yet to see if I can use them, or indeed if now to late to catch publication deadline.

Regardless, possibly can use with a later update.


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Sorry to have taken a bit long over taking the pics, Roger. I hadn’t realised a deadline was looming so imminently!



Gentlemen: Just spent weeks on the ball bearing seat sliders (Jan '54 120 FHC). Got most of the grit out with ultrasonic shaker. Any recommendations for the proper lube with which to pack the bearing races?

I used wheel bearing grease, dabbed it in there with a brush and ran the runners back and forth a bit.

How about Super Lube synthetic grease?

It is colorless (no staining), generally won’t dry out and turn into hardened muck, won’t separate and dribble oil. Has no smell.


Hi all,.
With the runners location, I think any grease would pick up carpet fluff, dust, and dropped potato chips (at least in my case). The bearings aren’t constantly moving so maybe just a light graphite powder, or even no lubricant at all might be best?

I use graphite powder, too.

Hi Terry…just picking up on this old thread re your post above…re seat foam…my xk150…seats are stripped new foams ready to go in…but what was the result from your next project and making more hole cut outs in the base foam…dilema of how much foam to remove for a comfy seat…all the best…Steve…Ps…did you trim the bottom of the foam to fit the slope of the woobase…thanks…