Uploading Of Pics

(John M Holmes) #1

I have tried to do a pic upload, and went as far to have the pic 100% loaded.Does the pic actually appear at this point before the topic is posted, or only becomes visible after the item is posted?

(Andrew Waugh) #2

If it reaches 100% then the upload is done. Depending on how much load is on the server, it can take a bit for the picture to appear in the preview pane on the right side.

None of your post is visible to other users until you post the topic.

(John M Holmes) #3

Andrew, Thanks for the feedback.I will repeat and wait for pic to show on R side. John H

(John M Holmes) #4

Hi Andrew, Thanks … With your input I was able to make a forum post with pics, although I did make a booboo in getting one pic out of order!!
I have seen one post recently with a small pic to the right of a larger one; also some pics are small…presumably the poster chose it be so. Wondered how they do that !? Regards, John H

(David Jauch) #5

Hi John, I don’t know how they do that but probably via resolution.
If you want to sort them all you have to do is cut the link (text where your picture is) and move it to another line. The preview will then help with checking.

So after the [uploading] thing disappears the whole line that appears is „the picture“ and you can cut&paste them wherever you want. If you click edited on the missarranged post you made then you can fool around, and cancel if it’s odd all of a sudden!