Upper a frame bushing

Is it difficult to replace the bushings on the drivers side(us)? The passenger side looks ok plus the brake tank is in the way on that side. Put in all new brakes and found drivers almost gone. Clunking on hard braking, looks like just a nut and really long bolt, but will it be siezed? Just a matter of tapping or pulling it out?

I did both lower and upper suspension arms the whole shebang on drivers side. Garaged car, I found the LOWER pivot bolt hard to get out the upper on easier, not sure how it came out maybe I had spun it with a air ratchet-90 degree and coax it out while spinning but I may have just had a hand ratchet on head which points towards front of car and ratchet while sliding-coaxing it out with a open end spanner on bolt shaft…that top bolt stays much drier than bottom… on install I greased up the bolt using synthetic disc brake grease from CRC its rated OK for rubber so no worries if you put on a tad too much on and will keep it rust free.
Good luck