Upper ball joint assembly

Installing the new joints. I think I have most parts figured out as to where they go, (but would appreciate a double check) but there is one that doesn’t obviously fit anywhere. Anyone have knowledge?

Any help appreciate

John North
1967 S1 Roadster

Looks like a thread protector for packing and transport.

Not sure if you intended your title to read that way; your picture is of the standard replacement upper front ball joint, not an aftermarket sealed lower unit.

Description in parts Book - C22970 Insert, between Upper Wishbone and Gaiter


OK, that’s right, getting confused between the sealed lower and the upper…


There is now the option of a sealed for life top ball joint, but it comes complete with a new wishbone.

That plastic piece? I’ve never seen one before. Is it supposed to act as a spacer to keep the gaiter extended? Also no sure what that smaller o-ring is supposed to accomplish? The kits I installed years ago didn’t have these parts.

It does fit over the threads, but not over the tapered shaft that goes through the gaiter. I suppose I could stretch it over the taper, but then it would just foul on the slot in the a-arm, so I really don’t see it there.

The small o-ring fits over the gaiter and appears intended to hold the gaiter on to the plastic retainer on the a-arm.


Confused again… it’s the large o-ring that fits over the gaiter. The small o-ring is a snug fit inside the a-arm.,


But what would it do there? The cap fits snug over the ball. I can’t imagine why an o-ring would go under it?

Yep it’s all a bit mysterious. I will take another look tomorrow.


Mayyyybe, it goes over the upper race around the spring to help seal the cap, which can tend to ooze grease as you pump it in?

It goes between thw Gaiter and the Wishbone to ensure that the Gaiter seals in the ball pin and stop excess grease escaping from the Gaiter. It’s exactly as an OE supplied kit. It’s installed tophat up.

Sorry, meant brim up against the steel insert in the gaiter.

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Interesting, do you know what the smaller of the two o-rings does also?

Parts book doesn’t list the small one, have no idea.

Actually, looking at an enlarged picture, I’m pretty sure that “O” ring replaces the Circlip that was originally used. You have to put in boiling water to allow it to be stretched over the gaiter to hold it on the plastic retaining ring.
I have used these before, personally the circlip is a better idea as i’ve had the O rings break if they were old stock and brittle.

So if that holds the gaiter what would the large ring do? I agree on the clips. They seem stronger although eventually they do nip the gaiter, but by that time the gaiter is ready for replacement anyway.

That’s the seating ring for the gaiter, has to fitted to the wishbone prior to fitting the gaiter.

Huh, I always assumed the gaiter fits into the groove in the arm and the clip just holds it there. So the rubber ring goes into the groove and then the gaiter goes over that, and then the other ring goes on top of both? This sounds way more complicated than the way mine are installed.

Just to be clear, there are two rubber rings. The large one is sized to fit over the gaiter and hold it on the pastic ring that fits on the wishbone end. The small one is about the size of the hole in the wishbone, where the race and the srping go. The only place I can see that this might go is around the race and inside the wishbone. I fitted it on the race then inserted the race and it looks like this. I don’t really see any value in this at all, but I can’t see any other place that it fits.

Stll the question about where the top-hot shaped piece goes

John North
S1 Roadster