Upper ball joint - damage question

Here’s a photo of a new upper ball joint. This one wasn’t machined properly so it’s going back. I’m also concerned however with the dark blue color. Both ball joints have this color. To me, it looks like was overheated.

Is it usable?

Are the rubber boots in the kit worth using or should I use these instead?

I’ve tried to get the rubber boot in the kit to sit in the lip of the upper control arm and then secure with tie wire but the rubber is just too thick.

The dark colour is fine.

I use the clear boots supplied. The black rubber ones perish.

Would that flat be a lazy way of creating a path for grease to travel around the ball?

If it fits OK I would use it. You may find that the next one you get is exactly the same.

Hi Dave, my 65 OTS only had 11,210 miles when I got it, so I reused many original parts in the restoration. The factory ball joints were not super smooth but were actually very slightly ribbed, probably to entrap grease. So, I reused all the metal suspension parts. The transmission was just resealed at both ends. It shifts like a rifle bolt action. I would return the ball joints as you don`t really know why they are discolored.

Before returning it for the color, I would call the vendor, and discuss.

I would bet a fair amount of money they are flame or induction heated to case harden them, to improve wear resistance….in other words, the next one you get will likely look the same.


Thanks for the help. I’ve already emailed the vendor and they’re looking into it. I do wonder if that groove is intentional as Robin mentioned. They’ve checked their stock and all the ball joints have that groove. I’m waiting for the vendor to get a response from the original supplier.

They’re sending two new ones. They agree that the discoloration is not a problem and the flat spot is a problem.