Upper Ball joint Newly supplied. What's this stuff?

OK, the stuff on the left hand side I recognise .

The stuff on the right I do not, are these to be discarded?

Also, what is the square cut on the end of the pin for?


I’ve never seen a pin with that hollow square. It has to just be a reservoir for grease. I’d guess that so long as the hole isn’t riding on the load bearing area of the control arm throughout the normal range of motion that it could be a good thing. Mine don’t have that though.

One of those clear rings might be an elastic to retain the top of the boot,. Mine have a wire clip though.

Usually, when you tighten a taper for a tie rod end or ball joint it “Jams” and you can make the torque or length. Sometimes it spins. Since the Jaguar upper ball has a removable cap, you can put a square drive in there and tighten the taper.

Oh nice! That’s a great feature. Tightening mine has always been an exercise in frustration because of the spin.


I think this ball joint is not fitting. I can’t even put the top flat plate in the arm with zero shims and no spring! There is Not enough room left to fit the circlip.

Checked with the old BJ and 3 shims fit, 4 shims do not-without the spring.

What do you all think?

PS: the little relief hole has what looks like a tiny threaded plug in it and there is a grove on both sides of the top plate about one third of the way in from the edge

Hi …the two thin clear rings i think are in place of wire to retain the top and bottom of the balljoint gaiter/boot…the larger ring with the grove is a reducer ring and fits inside the gaiter/boot…without it the boot is too large…look at it closely on mine the grove was not in the center and had to be fitted the correct way around for the boot sit correctly… Steve

I wonder why you were able to fit the ball pin with packing, obviously, and I was not.

Hi Bill…i did not buy a whole ball joint kit…i was just replacing a split gaiter…i got the clear one that you have but it wouldnt fit…then i found out about the groved reducer ring that needs fitting… Steve