Upper Bushing Assembly

New upper bushings arrived yesterday and ready to reassemble but have an assembly question.
The parts catalog shows the following assembly:
Fiber lock nut (C8737/5), a thick washer C30993, special chromed washer(29975), rubber bushing (C33745) over upper shaft and then another special chromed washer?
Is there suppose to be thick smaller diameter washers (C30993) on both sides of the special chromed washers?
Thanks in advance for your help.
Will remind myself next time to take better notes and take pictures.
Will also make a note to myself not to fully torque said lock nuts until weight of car is on the front tires.

Just the one under the nut.
Torquing of those nuts can be done as you go due to the nature of the bushes. The upper wishbone should still pivot quite freely even done up tight.

Thanks Baxtor for your reply. Will reassemble tomorrow and see how that works.
Don’t understand purpose of dished out portion of special chrome washers.

The thin washer goes first inside the bushing.
Then the thick washer with the flat side towards the outside.
The bushing at the outside has a lip which goes in the empty space between the two washers to create a seal and prevent water ingress.

So found this drawing on an auto parts sight.
This shows washers on both sides of special chromed washers. ???

Is the result supposed to be that the rubber bushings can spin easily?