Upper Control Arm Bushings

So I tried the URO CAC9295 slipflex bushings here, and they lasted about 1 year.
I am running poly bushings, but because of the ride quality, I’d like to try rubber.

The Genuine CAC9295 are the rubber slipflex bushings which last longer, but how long? This whole slipflex engineering is it’s own weakness. And they are $50 each!

Looking through my SNG catalogue, they offer CBC5523 as an upgraded version for XJS. These seem to be the ones used on XJ40’s and X300s in the 90s. I see them sold online for XJ6’s in the 80s. Since we have the same suspension, they should work? They are also $50 each, but since they are not slipflex, they should last much much longer.

Anybody know about this or have tried them?

Here is info from Genuine Jaguar parts site:
Genuine OEM CBC5523 - Jaguar Wishbone bush (CBC5523) part for Xj6 & Xj12 1987 - 1994 Classic, Xj 1998 - 2003 (from 812317 To F59525) Classic, Xj 1995 - 1997 (from 720125 To 812255) Classic. Authentic Jaguar Part.

Did you have the car supported on the suspension (loaded with the cars weight) before you tightened the nuts?

There’s another half to that part, no?

I’ve used the URO part before as well….with similar short lived results. The Jaguar OEM bushing has lasted my much much longer.

I’d just buy the OEM part and be done with it. The part you are showing seems awfully….hard? At that point why not just use poly?

It’s been talked about a lot, this bushing does not need that. As it rotates with the control arm. It’s the lower bushing that needs this (if rubber).

Yeah, you’re probably right. I just wanted to know if anybody has tried these, before I layout up to $200. Ironically, I can get them $25 cheaper in the UK with postage, so will do.

Bought them from UK Jag dealer. $180 with shipping. That’s cheaper than any US vendor with shipping ($200).

Crazy that bushings cost this much, but this is one of the few crazy engineering Jaguar parts where it’s worth going Genuine.