Upper Control Arm Poly Bushing Lube

Forgive my ignorance, but where do i put the special synthetic lube for my upper control arm polyeurethane bushings?

I assume outside the metal sleeve that goes inside the bushing? How about the shoulder that fits inside the control arm? I’m not sure how this bushing will pivot with poly.

And do i put some regular grease on the bolt that the metal sleeve slides onto?


I would use something like copper slip on the bolt and as far as the poly grease, anywhere it is in contact with anything else.

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Thanks, i considered that, but the little packet that came with it is not much. I think i have more synthetic grease somewhere.

You should trial fit the sleeve and see if it’s able to rotate freely on the shaft when you tighten the retaining nut. My logic says that it would not as it would wear too fast and that the rotating action is happening between the bushing and the sleeve.

Isn’t it the same thing, except the larger outer diametre has more bearing surface?

I’m pretty sure that the bushing is a press fit in the control arm.

Probably correct thinking back to the bushes I did on my ‘S’ type about a year ago, I think the sleeve is trapped.

Thanks for the feedback, I will grease everything that I think can move, can’t t hurt…
I’m sure these will last longer than the URO junk.