US paint color codes

All the older codes that I have found are not translatable into modern paint suppliers in the US. Any help is appreciated.

Not sure if this is any help.

It’s not the matching of the paint codes to modern paint formulas you have to worry about. It’s the color being accurate.
Different manufacturers use different toners and over the years the colors of the toners have changed.
Not to mention that there are variants of many colors of the same name/code.
Best to try and find original paint and BEGIN with computer matching.

Try this 1963 Color Codes - Jaguar Paint Cross-Reference

Can’t open it.

Thank you!

What Jaguar OEM color(s) were you looking to replicate?

Imperial Maroon and Opalescent Sand

While it has been said that Imperial Maroon and Regency Red are one in the same, they are not.
Imperial Maroon is significantly darker.
There is however at least one variant for Regency Red that is a darker variant of the standard shade, but I do not believe they are remotely close.
Ive painted both as well as the darker Regency variant.
The metallic colors (Opalescents) are even more challenging as the mica sizes can vary widely.

Not only can the mica sizes vary, but their concentration in the mix can give a wide range of “looks”. With all the above info, that’s why some painters refuse partial metallic jobs and only do whole car, complete jobs.


Thank you for the info.