Use of Coupe 86 V12 to replace dead Convertible 88 V12

Thanks, good tip to ask here (why didn’t I think of that :wink: ) I’ve allready asked my favorite local parts-guy (he does demolition races with old cars, has a lot of jaguar stuff).
“Carls’ method” is also mentioned in the V!2 HE tune up sticky by Grant Francis in the other jaguar forum , so i thought it would be a good method.

My lump has preset timing and I can not mess with it. Teh computer adjusts timing from information sensors. knock…

Other beasts in m,y past had simple distributors and no compuers. Most of the time, I timed by ear.

No experince with a Jag V12. Only a pACKARD, WAY BACK…

Got a timng scale. Here’s how my engine looks likes now: timing scale will fit with the two bolts visible for the bottom plate. Marelli TDC sensor needs to go: It;s either. or :slight_smile:

So? You have Lucas ignition, right? Just remove that Marelli crank sensor.

Sure, i will just remove the TDC sensor. I’ve only add the picture to this thread to illlustrate how engines for lucas ignition are slightly different from marilli ignition; no timing scale on marelli possible. There was some debate on this :slight_smile:

I’m curious how that sensor is mounted. I see the two screw heads, but suspect they may just hold the sensor itself to that support plate. What’s holding the support plate on? When you actually remove the sensor, please post another photo. Thanks!

It indeed looks like that a small mount was added for TDC sensor /Marelli ignition. This mount needs to be attached to engine somehow. I will make some picture of this and post here. Not sure if i get to that soon. If weather permits i’ll try this weekend, otherwise will be much later.

The question, of course, is whether that sensor mount interferes with installing the timing plate.

Yep, it looks like only the sensor needs to go though. Let’s see