Use of flags in Avatar

I have recently noted an increasing trend for some to display a flag not of their own country, but of some other country, presumably as an indication of support. Hence we have some displaying a Ukraine flag in support of Ukraine and others a Russian flag, in support of Russia. There may be other examples but these are the ones that have prompted me to respond.
These flags are clearly a political statement and display on all posts by the J-L member to any forum, most of which don’t allow politic commentary.
I my view this practice needs to stop. People should either display the flag of their country or where they live. Nothing else.
Ducking for cover :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I’m not sure I agree with this any more than I agree with sporting bodies limiting what participants display in addition to their correct uniform.

I haven’t noticed any posts where there’s been a discernible negative response to a flag ID alone.

The risk of identifying oneself as holding a particular view is likely borne by that member alone as some other members may simply choose to not be as helpful as they may otherwise be. That risk exists for anyone for who expresses a personal view in the Pub or Lounge and carries over into the non political threads as perceptions of that person may be altered.

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Thete was no end of shit, when in 2017, I displayed an upside-down Old Glory.

I was asked to change it.

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I guess that’s my concern. Certainly an individual’s politics are well flagged by what we post in the pub (if we go there) but as I understand it, the flag (this option is described in our Profile if selecting as ‘National’ flag) was presumably intended to be ours.
I presume this was to help people understand where people live, not as a shout out to our politics. So if this were to be an ‘in addition’ provision we should perhaps be able to display two flags?

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Here’s the real kicker, David: why are there so many red, white, and blue flags? Doesnt Russia use the same colors as we do? :slight_smile:

On reflection you’re probably right on both counts.

I just enjoy offering a counter view … perhaps to clarify my own thoughts.

I find the nominated flag helpful especially for classifieds posts and the limiting of political comments to the Pub is done with good reason. It will be interesting to see which way this falls.


Then we should all get along much better than we do :thinking:?

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I chose the United Nations Flag since the choice became available. Why? Because this is one world with issues that transcend political borders, and the UN flag is as close as that thought can be expressed by a flag.

Much like Nixon in his famous Checkers Speech, “Regardless of what they say we are going to keep it”.



I have a russia flag because I was waiting for this post; I support neither party (yes, Russia is at fault) and don’t want to be involved in their war.

Thank you for saying something!

Either the country (or region) you live in, or nothing, or say a ban for a week. I‘d support this. Whether it’s ukraine or russia or something else in that direction, it is political and has no place here!


So there is no question what action should be taken, and should have been taken immediately. Ask political flag displayers to take them down.

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All the flags available on JL are political.

I chose a flag based on feelings, not on where I live.


Good point:!

By definition, you are 100% correct: that means we’re all in violation of the no politics rule… :slight_smile:

Which, leads directly to your flag!

Well, it’s fortunate for me that you don’t run this joint. When the owners of the site make a policy on this – and I trust that they won’t, because I think the whole silly topic is nothing but a distraction – I will comply.

If I could figure out a way to do it, this would be my national flag…


Explain why the United Nations flag is in the mix of selections. As far as I know no one lives at 405 East 42nd Street, New York, NY. There is also a flag for Antarctica despite the fact there are no permanent residents there.

Personally, I think this whole flag “outrage” is silly. Why limit it to flags. Let’s insist our avatars are an actual picture of the person; mine already is so I’m safe there. Let’s demand actual first middle and last names. Better yet, let’s discontinue the hand wringing and go back to discussing Jaguars. :innocent: :smile:

This is the Site Feedback forum.
I posted this as site feedback.
BTW I don’t post my opinions on the topics that others choose to start… I did consider flagging your post, but which flag to use :thinking:
J-L is a global community. Not everyone lives in the US, and new members join all the time. The flag selection option, if people choose to use it, helps people understand where other posters live, and may result in people meeting up in real life. Certainly it’s worked for me in this respect.
If I visit Ukraine I’ll be sure to look you up :rofl:


Or this is the place you could use a flag to express your solidarity, if that’s your thing?
People do winter over on Antarctica, so technically they could use this flag. Not aware of anyone taking an E Type down there with them though. Don’t think it would start….

…aaaand there goes THAT mouthful of Coke Zero!!



І коли ти там, я буду радий прийняти тебе!



It’s just a list of flags without thought behind it.

The UN flag doesn’t really fit in „geographical theme“ and is maybe just a little a little political (it’s an organization after all) but it’s not offending anyone hopefully.

Flags with relevance to ongoing wars are clearly political and are obviously used in that context. Don’t we have enough reminders of that stupid war each and every day.

Especially in the days of the open pub people- certainly not me - said that they were uncomfortable with politics anywhere on the site. One of the reasons that pub was changed into a club. Even if it isn’t seen as political by someone it is still misleading.

If politics is explicitly banned from certain forums (and I’m sure we all agree with that!) any flag used in political context should also fall under that ban. I‘m open to differing views that go beyond ‚I’m fortunate you’re not running this joint David‘ but I can’t see a different logical conclusion.

Now profile pictures are an expression of personality and taste and I appreciate them all. Luckily very few have a political component and they shouldn’t have. Keep your political opinions where they belong and don’t bother less frequent visitors who seek answers, not confusion and opinions.

Don’t worry, I’m even more fortunate! Big shout out to Gunnar and Nick for doing so though, plus other forum admins.
I think we’re saying the same thing, though I got a little confused by this statement :thinking:, as I think I’d be pretty even handed… but delusion is a skill I’ve well mastered :smiley:


Agree 100% with everything! :smiley:

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