Used F type purchase, hope I made a good choice?

Yesterday purchased a coupe in silver (340 hp) in Los Angeles.
Originally sold new in Oct. 2017 so I have some warranty left. Certified, with 12K miles.
I will take to my local dealer about a couple of points. One is slight ticking engine noise. Notice drivers door top hinge has some play, the door will rock a bit but gaps are fine. Jag dealer replaced two rear tires with new and new brake pads. What I now notice is there is a lot of wear on rotors with a ridge on the very edge front and rear. Rears are not wearing consistently, uneven.
It looks as though the original owner (leased) drove with his foot on the brake pedal. I had been looking for an F-type for a while but put it on hold because I thought I may buy a C8 Corvette, never a Corvette lover but the C8 impressed me. I went to the San Diego auto show and saw the C8 in person, very disappointed. I could not see me driving that thing, to me it did not have the class look of the F type, a lot more grunt but no looks for me.
The F type body is flawless except for one small paint chip on the door and minor scrapes on two wheels. I think I got my moneys worth at $37K.

Congratulations! Do you have pictures?

Hey, Glenn. Good to know another E+F-Type owner. The Jag dealer should have replaced both brake pads and rotors. Monterey Jag service dept won’t replace one without the other.
Have you found how to measure oil level without dip stick yet?

Yes I did figure out how to check oil level. Have appt. next Thursday with Jag dealer in Carlsbad to check the car over. This is a “Certified” Jaguar, get it home and start going over car and find tire pressures down 5 psi, coolant level needs to be topped off? I guess these thing are not covered by the 165 point inspection or were the worn brake rotors? At the dealership I did a once over inspection but figured what could be mechanically wrong with a Certified car with only 12K miles. This is only the 2nd time I have bought a used car, still learning. The day prior to purchase I looked at a F type that was a lemon law mfg. buyback, 2017 16K miles 40 month warranty for $29K. If the paint was in better shape may have gotten that one. Got the 340 hp version as a cruiser to drive with my wife, now my wife wants to share it with me. Hard to say no when she wrote the check.

How does one do that? Asking for a friend…:smirk:

Push start button with foot off of brake, not to start engine.
Toggle through menu buttons on left side of steering wheel
and find oil level.
Your connection with the engine has been lost, can no longer
see how dirty the oil is on a dipstick.
F type also has the start stop feature, come to a light and engine turns off and restarts when lifting off brake pedal. This can be turned off with the press of a button. With all the tech this car has I guess my version is the cheapo one, no back up camera or beeping sensors. These times are a changin for this old E type lover!

I think also, the engine needs to be warmed up and the bonnet opened. Wait 10 minutes after shut down and then toggle through the menu to find oil level. Overfilled is as bad as underfilled. Changing is easy as you suck it out the fill hole with the small tube in the middle. Boat/Marine places have the tool for this as very common to change boat oil engines this way. Don’t even have to left the car. If you get tired of turning off the stop/start feature, just disconnect the smaller battery and it will default to off everytime.

Are you saying there is no drain Plug? And where is that small battery located, could not find it. When I went to check oil level (engine cold) display shows low battery (made in Italy) will have dealer check battery and charging system.

Do you suck out the oil through the tube under oil fill cap?
Glenn is the tool. There are other brands so just do a search on Google. Yes, it comes out through the center tube and fills in the large opening. Not sure where the extra battery is on your car. Should be near the main one. I have a late model XF which has it in the trunk. There is actually a drain plug but the suction gets it all out. There is no dipstick. Ultrasonic reader inside the engine does it electronically. Look at the owners manual for explanation of what the display is saying. My Select Edition was two quarts overfilled and really nasty looking. Supposedly had just been changed.

Dick, perhaps you’re the guy that tell me what those tools located on the backside of the passenger side fuse box are for? Just found them after owning my F-Type for 6 years…

Without looking at a cross section of the engine, just hypothesising here, would it be possible to use the drain tube to fashion a dip stick to shove down there once the actual level has been determined as correct?

Probably not as the tube is rather small. A lot of manufacturers are going this route. Sad that the general public does not know what an oil pressure gauge is or where to add oil or even how to look in the manual to find out what kind of oil. Remember a few years ago (about 20) when Jaguar turned the oil pressure gauge to a on/off indicator? People would bring the car in complaining that the oil was low as the gauge would be fluctuating when driving vs idling. Getting to the point to “where do I put gas” and how do I hook up the phone? Really sad.

Good question but no answer.

F type has now been at the dealer for 2 days now. Battery has been replaced but other concerns have not been addressed as I see it? Brake rotor wear is not a problem unless there is pulling or shaking. What I thought was dried up coolant around supercharger they claim it is soap suds that must have gotten in there from hood vents. Engine at speed runs at 109 deg.C seems too hot to me but temp gauge shows normal? Maybe this is normal temp for this engine? How hot will this engine get when driven in temps of 120 deg. F in Palm Springs. They did a cooling system pressure test and claim no leaks. My experience in the past is some leaks do not show up until the engine is hot.They still need to replace door hinge because of excessive wear, they still have no answer for me on this?
My wife wants a new XE Jaguar, there is no way I will purchase a new Jag with the poor support I have received.

Fun Fact #1: Those two tools located on the fuse box lid are for moving the convertible top manually if the electrics aren’t working. But, the mech told me they were a pain to use, and recommended throwing a cover over the top and call the tow truck:).

Glenn, I noticed the same ‘ridge’ on the outer edge of my first set of brakes. Didn’t seem to be a problem? I’ve also driven in 110F weather, but only for a couple of hours, and again, no problem. My temp gauge doesn’t give me actual temp measurements (2013 model), but has always been just a hair above mid-point on the dash gauge.
As for service support, I stopped by Monterey Jaguar today to ask a couple of questions. Unfortunately, my main service rep. wasn’t in, and the young gal at his desk didn’t have a clue. Luckily, the other service rep in the office had come up the ranks from the back garage, and was very helpful and informative. I’m guessing Monterey would be a bit out of your way for servicing…

Congratulations on your new Jag Glen. I bought a used F about 16 months ago and have only good things to say about the car. The dealership, not so.


I’ve restored, owned 4 E Types and am “E-Type-less” at the moment. Looking to purchase a
2017 F-Type with less than 2k miles. The car is a CPO car so I’m not really that worried, but what I don’t want is a car that’s constantly going to be in the shop. If is fair to say that most F- Type owner’s here are “generally” pleased, happy with their cars? I hope so. Getting too old to be fixing anything.
Would love to hear all of your comments about your ownership, either good or bad.
Either way, the car is gorgeous. I hope its’s not a “service” lingerer.

Best regards,

Dan, NJ

If you have been following my posts you know my experience with my 2017 Certified F type with 12K miles. I am on my third battery in 3 weeks, the last I bought my self in frustration with dealer support. I have an E type and XK8 and do all my own work on the E and most on the XK8. No oil dip -stick on F type and will do oil changes myself but anything else looks to me difficult.
These cars are a tech nightmare. Just start poking around engine bay and and looking under access panels it is scary. I just fired off an email to Jaguar complaining about poor support from Jaguar dealers. I thought buying a Certified low mileage car was a no brainer, wrong. I love the car but it is a modern Jag with reliability problems, that come with the territory?